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Have you ever been networking with the best of intentions and then stood awkwardly nursing a coffee?

Or purposefully avoided networking because you aren’t any good at it?

Perhaps you think that networking won’t work for your business?

Are you an experienced networker who wants better results?

Well I, Tracy Heatley, am here, with Better Networking, to help change that.

I have been running and developing networking groups since 2007, and I know it works.

People buy from people they like, believe in and trust. It is that simple.

Not only that, but they tell others about you too. And there are no amount of emails, flyers, or adverts that can beat that.

Better Networking Training Workshop Delegates
Tracy Heatley With Anouska Hamer

In fact, 100% of my regular networkers have won enquiries and referrals through it.

Those who have won business have one thing in common: they can confidently talk about the benefits of their business in a way that makes others trust and like them.

If you are thinking you wouldn’t know where to start with that, then don’t worry. I was just like you when I started networking.

But through training, hard work, practice and self-reflection, I have become a confident, talented and successful networker.

And you can too!

Better networking training will benefit you and your business, whether you are a complete beginner or a networking pro.

Develop new skills

Develop the skill of great communication

Build your confidence

Never feel nervous at networking events again

Sell yourself

Convey your best assets and attributes to others

Win more business

Win business the fun and cost-effective way

Why Choose Better Networking?

Image of Tracy Heatley taking notes for the Better Networking Training Home page

Hi, I’m Tracy.

I have been hosting and organising BoB Clubs networking groups, across the North West of England, since 2007 and I absolutely love it!

Not only have I hosted countless networking events, but I have dedicated my career to learning how to do it well, and teaching others to do the same.

I genuinely believe that networking is the most cost-effective way to grow a company and is suitable for businesses of any size, age, or type.

But not everyone knows how to network, or has the confidence to do it at all.

Great networking is a skill. Like any skill, it can be learnt.

I’ve spent my career learning the skills required and gaining the qualifications I need to teach you how to improve your networking, so it actually works for you and your business.

Thanks to my unique skill set, you will receive the personalised service you need to ensure your networking skills are unrivalled. I take into account things like the size of your business, the services or goods you are selling, your competition, your communication style and previous networking experience, and then come up with a bespoke plan to suit.

Read more about me here.

Why Network At All?

Networking will help to grow your business very effectively if you know how to do it well.

Forget the scatter gun approach to marketing. Networking is the part of your marketing mix that is about quality over quantity.

Over time, you will see more and more businesses benefit from the referrals and recommendations of others.

If you network well, you are not only talking to the people in the room, but also reaching out to their wealth of connections, friends, family and acquaintances as they pass on referrals.

Sound good? Let me show you how to do better networking.

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Better Networking Will Teach You To:

  • Be visible
  • Approach people with confidence
  • Clearly communicate your business proposition
  • Be memorable
  • Be credible
  • Follow up
  • Convert business cards to sales

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What Our Trainees Say

Joanne Collins recommends Better Networking.

I’ve just completed the Better Networking on demand course.

I learned how to become a ‘Networking Ninja‘ and loved it, because it was interactive and fun to do!

This online networking course, gives you an insight into your own communication style and skills.  It teaches you how to communicate effectively and successfully, so it helps with communications at all levels, not just networking.

I’m Joanne Collins, a Tropic Ambassador, and I highly recommend the Better Networking on demand course, because it’s a great analytical tool.  I think that all networkers and network marketers should have these sills.

Like Tracy says, ‘Successful communication is the key to successful networking’.

Joanne Collins Recommends Better Networking

I really enjoyed the workshop, because it gave me a greater insight into networking.  I’m inexperienced in networking, so discovering how to communicate effectively has been of great benefit to me, not just in my job, but in my personal everyday life too.   I would also like to attend another more advanced workshop if Tracy does one in the future.

Matt Gray (Social Media Specialist, Bolton Arena)

I attended Tracy’s Better Networking Training  session and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening afternoon. The training session was very well planned out with appropriate supporting materials. The content was equally revealing and taught me a lot about myself and how I interact with those around me. Moreover, the whole session was delivered in a warm, friendly and encouraging environment. All in all, it was an amazing training session and I will be recommending that all my colleagues attend the next session.

Rachel Weinhold (SEO Specialist & Managing Director Of Grow Traffic)

I thoroughly enjoyed Tracy’s workshop.  I have learned some fascinating things about myself and my business, as well as the people I work and network with.  It was absolutely brilliant! I am very much looking forward to putting everything I’ve learned into action and seeing the success!  Really insightful on psychology and how to read people in order to communicate effectively. Thank you, Tracy, I highly recommend your training workshop to any business owner!

Pam Duxbury (Outsourced Finance Director, PD Consulting)

I’ll never look at people in the same way again!  I found the workshop very productive and enlightening.  I can get really focused now!  I’d recommend this networking workshop to any business owner who wants to win more business through networking.

Martin Rawstron (Owner Of Prinny Mill Business Centre)

The Better Networking training has made me think about how I communicate with others, particularly about the types of words and phrases to use in order to gain the interest of a wider audience.  It was great to hear others experiences too.  I feel much more energised and confident.  Thank you for helping me focus on what I need to do going forward.  All small business owners should do this, as it really helps the business and with self development.  Thank you so much; it really has done me and my business the world of good!

Nichola Whitford (Managing Director Of By Nichola George)

It has been a great afternoon and I have learnt lots of new nuggets about how to get the best from my networking.  Well presented, enjoyable, fun, informative and educational! Highly recommended!

Lisa Mousley (Travel Agent and Owner Of Chic Boutique Travel)

After attending the Better Networking session, I found that learning about communication styles was very useful, as it will help me change the way I talk to people, at networking events and during business appointments.   I always struggled with doing a ’60 seconds’ at networking meetings and worried about what to say.  Not anymore! I found what Tracy refers to as the ‘networking segmentation’ extremely useful, as I can now do a different pitch for each of our services, making sure I’m using the right pitch for the right people.

Louise Campbell, Bolton Arena

I really enjoyed the networking training.  Tracy was able to have the whole group of strangers interacting, participating and really getting involved with the session. I got some great ideas and new approaches about promoting our business through networking.  I now have a thorough understanding of myself and how to communicate better.

Anouska Hamer (Virtual Assistant, DTH Business Support)

nettl bury company logo to illustrate branding

Web designer, Jason Groves, from Nettl Bury:  “The training workshop was brilliant!  Within a week, it’s given me more direction and confidence.  The rapport builder section was a great refresher for me.  I’d done some rapport building training before with Nettl Head Office.  However, some of the skills learned here were new to me.

Learning the subtle ways to break rapport was really useful.  Profiling my target market and building a customer avatar was very insightful. This will have a big  impact on my business.   This networking training has definitely  boosted my communication skills.  It has made me think of at least one particular target market to break into.  Plus, I now know how to reach my key target market, so I can get started immediately.

The workshop was well presented, insightful and good value for money”.



Web designer, Jason Groves, attended the Better Networking face-to-face half day workshop

Web Designer, Jason Groves, Testimonial

It’s my job to understand people, and this further study of people and communication styles has really helped improve my level of understanding.  I can implement what I’ve learned anywhere and it will be very useful.  The biggest learning, for me, was understanding the reasons and motivations for some people’s behaviour, when they’re networking, and that it’s not negative, just different.  I enjoyed today so much that I may now go on to study to become and NLP Practitioner. Thank you!

Niel Copy (People Matters HR)

I thought that the opportunity to participate and interact, rather than just sit and listen to advice, was excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning a bit about NLP and how this can advance my communication skills.   The linking of the NLP techniques along with breaking down my target market really helped me define my networking objectives.   I wouldn’t change a thing about the workshop.  It was first class! I loved it!

Barbara Sullivan (Business Development Manager For An Accountancy Firm)

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