6 Simple Steps To Creating The Ultimate 60 Second Pitch

6 Simple Steps To Creating The Ultimate 60 Second Pitch

Give your 60 seconds the killer kick it needs to get people to notice, listen, take action and make you feel confident with your delivery.

  1. Build rapport with your entire audience.  If you’re in a group, do not just focus your attention on one person.  It’s uncomfortable for them and you.
  2. Remember, you are the value you bring, not what you do.  Focus on the benefits you offer and truly value the knowledge you have.
  3. State your intention and be specific with what you want to achieve.  People can only help you if they know how and who you want intros to.
  4. Positive energy is fundamental to how you’re perceived.  You want to attract conversations with the right people, so allow yourself to shine.
  5. Keep it simple, to the point and don’t drag it out.  There’s nothing worse than someone hogging the limelight for too long.
  6. An outstanding strap line makes you memorable.  Strap lines are so powerful and they reach people at a subliminal level.

Remember that your 60 seconds is your opportunity to communicate how people can help you get referrals.  You’re not selling to the people in the room, so there’s no pressure to perform.  You’re simply giving other people ideas on how they can help you get introductions to the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

Written by Tracy Heatley


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