Be A Radiator – Not A Drain

When it comes to networking, be a radiator and not a drain!


Positivity – Be positive about your business – people will be inspired and want to spend more time with you. Networking and negativity do not go together!

Helpfulness – Constantly think about how you can help other people to get referrals.  You reap what you sow.  Like karma, the more you help others get what they want, the more they will help you to get what you want.

Knowledge – You have a phenomenal amount of knowledge. What’s second nature to you is intriguing and amazing to other people.  Freely share useful information with other people.  This will go a long way to building the trust and confidence members need to refer you and your business to their contacts, particularly if you’re a service provider.

Commitment – You must be in it to win it!  Show other people how committed you are by attending when you’ve booked to go to an event or meeting, do what you say you will do and always follow-up when you’ve promised you will. The greater the commitment, the greater the rewards! Come hail or shine, get up, get dressed and get networking!

Smiles – A simple smile really does go a long way and is often the first form of communication.  Other people, especially if they’re new to networking, will feel more at ease and welcomed when you smile, plus you will feel much happier in yourself, especially if you’re networking early in a morning.

Happy Networking! 😊


Tracy Heatley © 2018 – Fee free to share, but please credit the author! 😊

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