Tracy Heatley – My Story Blogs

This is where you can really get to know more about me,  Tracy Heatley from Better Networking,  because it’s important that you get to know who you’re doing business with.

Find out about my background, how I’ve overcome diversity and never given up, so you understand my tenacity and determination.

How have I got to where I am today?  What are my aspirations and dreams?  Who has helped me along the way?  Will I have secrets and little nuggets to share with you? This blog will give you the confidence to know that I can help you and your business.

All will be revealed here in this progressive account of how this woman got from A to B and everything in between, so you can get to know the person who will be training you.

Through laughter and tears, you can get to know the real person behind the networking know how,  the Better Networking Training and BoB Clubs North West brands.

I look forward to sharing with you!

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