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Ditch The Pitch

Ditch the pitch and forget about selling if you want to succeed with business networking.

This episodes takes you through the importance to focusing on the business relationship to the sale.  I know it sounds ludicrous in a way, because ultimately you’re networking to win more business, so this may seem a little odd!  Stay with me though, because as you listen to this podcast episode, it will all make perfect sense.


Relationships Come First

Relationships come first when it comes to business networking.

This podcast focuses on the importance of this over and above selling, so that you get things right from the start.

It doesn’t matter what type of networking you’re doing, the ditch the pitch and build relationships rule always applies.

Rapport, relationships, referrals and then the results will follow!


Quick Message From Tracy

I hope you enjoy this episode and find it useful.

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Tracy Heatley recording the Better Networking EP004:  Building Powerful Relationships