EP002: Networking Road Map Podcast

Here’s The Networking Road MapThe Better Networking Podcast Cover Image to Show What the Podcast looks like Podcast

Here’s the networking road map podcast, so that you can plan your networking journey.

Like all aspects of business, you need a road map for your networking, because planning will help you get results.

According to business and leadership legend Peter Drucker, “Without commitment, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans”. Essentially, no plans means no hope.  This is why preparing your networking road map is essential.

There are so many people who don’t make time to plan many aspects of their business, especially networking. This is a big marketing mistake, because a little bit of planning will make you more likely to achieve networking success.  Before you even think about learning new networking skills, take a bit of time to lay out your networking road map, so you have clarity and focus.

This podcast will tell you how.  Alternatively, you can view the networking road map blog.

What’s In This Better Networking Podcast Episode?

  • Why have a networking road map?
  • How to develop your networking road map?
  • Setting your networking objectives.
  • The importance of knowing your target market.
  • Short term plans.
  • Working out what’s right for you.

It really is worth a listen to get you on the right networking path with focus, motivation and direction.

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Tracy Heatley in the studio in March 2021 recording her networking roadmap podcast