How Alision Driver, From Metis HR, Protects Employers From Their Employees

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After being made redundant, Alison Driver knew it was time to set up her own business,.  That’s when Metis HR was born, providing outsourced HR services to businesses that need HR support.

Alison prides herself on protecting employers from their employees.

Not only does Alison discuss the emotions and business challenges that she has faced, she reveals some of the common challenges that are impacting businesses, particularly when it comes to the pandemic.

With two hundred plus clients, thousands of recruitment interviews, hundreds of redundancies, dismissals, disciplinaries and grievances, Alison’s expertise is second to none.

Metis HR is thriving and Alison talks about how she’s managed her business, colleagues and clients during the pandemic, plus the psychological impact that must be considered in this line of business.

An amazing interview that gives a compelling and interesting overview of what it’s like to be a HR specialist, in 2020, with some sound HR advice for businesses throughout.

If you’ve got a business and no HR Management, then you need to listen right now.

If you’re a business that may be impacted by any HR issues this interview is for you.

Perhaps you just love to hear inspiring success stories.

To sum up this interview in three words – insightful, integrity and inspiring!

Enjoy this Real Life Radio interview!

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