Real Life Radio, Mind Your Own Business, Tracy Heatley, Interviews Caroline Harrington, From Gunnercooke Solicitors


Caroline Harrington On Real Life Radio Rossendale


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Caroline Harrington


About Caroline Harrington

Caroline Harrington, from Gunnercooke Solicitors, personifies everything that a private client solicitor should be.  Not only has she experienced first hand what many of her clients have or are experiencing, she became a solicitor to help other people, not to make money.

After years of studying and following her law career as an employee for some reputable firms, Caroline decided to become self employed in 2019.

Caroline talks openly and honestly about her business life, hobbies, outlook on life, managing family life and her genuine desire to add value to other peoples lives.

This is a remarkable and fun interview that will inspire other people working within the legal profession and anyone with a heart.

You have simply got to listen, learn, laugh and love Caroline’s story about her journey to self realisation, happiness and job satisfaction.