Rossendale Borough Council Reveals Its Business Support Packages On Real Life Radio

What Business Support & Funding Is There For Rossendale Businesses?


It’s a fact that many businesses are struggling, right now, because we are in the middle of Lockdown 2.0!

Tracy Heatley invited Rossendale Borough Council to talk business, on her Mind Your Own Business Radio show.  This radio interview gives local business owners all the information they need to rid uncertainty about what support is available.

Rossendale Borough Council reaches out to local Rossendale business owners, on Real Life Radio, so they can clarify exactly what funding, support and advice is available for businesses and how to claim it.

Rossendale BC, Counsellor, Alyson Barnes and Brad Hacking, Talk Business, With Tracy Heatley, On The Mind Your Own Business Radio Show


Councillor Alyson Barnes

Councillor, Alyson Barnes Interview

Councillor, Alyson Barnes, talks to Tracy about local business issues and the impact the pandemic is having on the business environment. She reassures businesses that the Council is proactively supporting businesses and introduces the new Business Advisor, Brad Hacking.


Brad Hacking

Brad Hacking Interview

Brad Hacking tackles the core issues that many businesses are facing.  Brad offers complete guidance on what is available for businesses in terms of financial and advisory support.

He provides a full breakdown of workshops and seminars that will be offered to businesses. Plus, he discusses how he will be meeting with business owners, on a one-to-one basis to provide individual guidance.

Where Do Rossendale Businesses Go For Support?

If Rossendale businesses are uncertain whether they can remain open or are required to mandatory close, they can email for clarification.  This will help determine which, if any of the funding support schemes, businesses are eligible for.

If any business owners would like to arrange a one-to-one meeting, with Brad Hacking, or you require information relating to business support, email

Businesses can apply to claim here for the National Lockdown Support Grant

Show Summary

If you’re a Rossendale, Lancashire, business owner, this is a must listen for you, because you will gain a full understand of exactly what business support is available for you and if you’re eligible to claim it.

If I was to use three words to sum up this interview I would use intelligent, insightful, and informing.

This business radio show aired on 17th November 2020.

I hope you find all the information contained in this business interview useful.


Very Best Wishes,


Tracy HeatleyTracy Heatley