Tracy Heatley Interviews Liz Hall, From Liz Henson Photography, On Rossendale Radio

Liz Hall On Rossendale Radio

Liz Hall, From Liz Henson Photography

Radio Interview Overview

She is this week’s Rossendale Radio ‘Mind Your Own Business’ guest, so the focus is on Liz Hall, as she talks about her creative flair, how she started Liz Henson Photography and why she loves shooting people for fun! Photographs of course!

In her true ‘Mind Your Own Business’ style, Tracy delves into the life of Liz Hall, to find out about her background, business journey, motivations, frustrations and plans for the future.

The Person Behind The Camera

Liz Hall Photographing An Event

As a full-time mum, Liz, talks about her remarkable road to success and obstacles that she’s overcome to get to where she is today, including the joy of being a winner at the 2019 Rossendale Business Awards.

This highly respected photographer, renowned for her professionalism and ability to instinctively capture precious moments, reveals that there’s so much more to the art of photography than just the trained techniques of using a camera.

From business head shots, weddings, corporate events to commercial product photography, Liz understands the marketing jigsaw and how her photography fits into place to help her customers portray the right message and reach out to their target market.

With her vast  portfolio and experience in all aspects of photography, Liz talks openly about what inspires her,  differentiates her from other photographers, gets her creative juices flowing, her personal motivations and how she has coped during lock down.

This is a must listen for anyone starting a photography business, those who want to understand the nature of professional photography, everyone who knows Liz Hall or those of yo who simply just want to know more about this local business woman.

Here is the perfect way to get to know your local business woman, Liz Hall, from Liz Henson Photography.