Remember, Remember To Network In November

It’s that time of year when we start to hear phrases like, “In the New Year”!  My advice is don’t take your foot of the pedal!  Personal development expert, Tony Robbins, advocates that where your focus goes, your energy flows, and he’s absolutely spot on.  If you slow down, start missing networking meetings and stop putting the time into building relationships, your referral pipeline will dry up.  Instead, use the time to maximise your potential, even if it’s just having one-to-one meetings now, with a view to exchanging referrals later.  You know yourself that you cannot slow down when you’re in business, regardless of the time of year.  Christmas is a national holiday, not an excuse to relax and take it easy from November until January.  Honestly, if you start delaying networking and business now, you could be missing out on so many wonderful opportunities.  Don’t do it!  Enjoy the build up to Christmas, stay focussed, stay present and keep networking!

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