Business networking training from Better Networking does what it says on the tin. It makes you better at networking.

Networking only works if you do! When done right, networking will win you business, raise your profile, and be like having a band of sales people out there.

Lack of effort and ineffective networking can be a waste of time and money.

So why not get it right? Our training shows you how.

Our Training

There are three ways you can engage with business networking training. Choose which is most appropriate for your needs.

What is Business Networking Training?

Our training isn’t sales training. It won’t teach you how to close deals or meet sales targets.

But it will teach you to listen attentively to people’s needs and requirements. It will allow you to articulate how your business meets those needs.

You will learn how to build rapport, foster relationships and increase your referrals.

It is no coincidence that sales and networking require similar skills.

People buy from people, especially people they like and trust.

Networking is building professional relationships with people so they like and trust you.

Business networking training teaches you these skills and techniques through a combination of knowledge, practice, repetition and consistency.

Networking will only work if you do

Tracy Heatley talking Better Networking Training

Hi, I’m Tracy! I set up Better Networking because I am convinced everyone can learn the techniques needed to become an elite networker. I also passionately believe networking grows businesses. I have been running networking groups since 2007 and have seen first hand the impact it can have.

It is cost effective and really works!